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Abilities Behavior Services is a not-for-profit organization that provides ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) to individuals across the life span. Abilities is a division of Trinity Services, Inc. and serves children with autism, adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, and seniors with memory problems. Dr. Maranda Trahan leads the newly launched Dementia Services at Abilities. She and her team provide in-home consultations and trainings to decrease challenging behaviors while increasing appropriate behaviors like following routines, engagement, and social interaction.

Did you know that nearly 50 million people worldwide are affected with dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease? More than 220,000 of those individuals live in Illinois, and nearly 30% of all impacted with memory problems in our state live in small town or rural areas. Disappointingly, every person diagnosed will exhibit a challenging behavior like confusion with routines, noncompliance, dangerous or disruptive behaviors. For decades, research has demonstrated that behavior therapy like ABA is a safer and more effective method to managing the symptoms of dementia. However, very few behavior analysts provide their therapeutic services to this population.

Dr. Trahan understands that managing these behaviors and maintaining skills as long as possible is the difference between keeping a loved one at home or moving them into a costly facility. Dr. Trahan and her team want to transform how we manage the most difficult aspects of one of the most expensive diagnoses in America. Abilities Behavioral Services now provides evidence-based behavior analytic supports to families across Southern Illinois. Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) visit when and where the most troublesome aspects of care occur, including during meals, outings, grooming routines, family gatherings, and other daily activities. We serve individuals living in homes, assisted living facilities, skilled care centers, or hospitals. Medicaid or some long-term care insurance policies can reimburse for services. Rates also available for private pay. For more information, contact Dr. Trahan.


Medicaid Funded Services

Behavior Therapy For Memory Loss

Managing: Anxiety, Depression, Difficulty Coping

Seniors 60+

What is ABA in Dementia Care?

We complete in-home behavior assessments to identify the environmental reason why challenging behaviors occur. We then implement individualized interventions to manage troublesome routines, such as showers, meals, outings, family gatherings, and other daily activities.


After demonstrating the effectiveness of an intervention, Dr. Trahan and her team coach family members or paid caregivers to use the strategies and run the programs independent of the therapist. Our care plans also focus on increasing more appropriate behaviors, like communication and engagement, in order to assist in the reduction of challenging behaviors.


Abilities Behavioral Services offer real solutions to helping caregivers manage the stressful, seemingly thankless days, by offering in-home, behavior management interventions developed by specialized therapists. 

Facility or Agency Collaborations

Not only do we serve individual clients, but Abilities Behavioral Services also contracts with senior living communities and innovative business partners to improve resident retention, re-hospitalization rates, inappropriate use of antipsychotic medications, and staff productivity. These contracts run in partnership with our college internship and externship programs.

Individual Consultations

In-home, person-centered behavior assessments and interventions for challenging behaviors completed

by Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs)

Dementia In-Service Training

Workshops for family members, in-home caregivers, or facility staff members on a variety of training topics.

Registered Behavior Technicians

Direct service workers with specialized training in behavior analysis and supervised by BCBAs.

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